Are you will to visit indonesia soon..?. As u know indonesia have one of the most beautifull island in the world, Bali is well know by "island of god" and representative as good or bad Indonesian news and culture. You will be better learn more about Bahasa Indonesia as the official language of the area. Business people in Indonesia often speak some English but it may be necessary for you to take along a translator for the trip, just in case.

Do not count on a hurried business meeting with negotiations to be resolved immediately. Indonesians have a slower pace, particularly in business matters, making Americans. Love public also have the habit of starting late - than about an hour.

In Indonesia, many people every day carrying umbrellas if it's raining or not. Temperatures are warm and humid, most of the year, and umbrellas are used not only when it's raining, but also to protect from the sun.

Business dress should be conservative, but not applicable. Wear a suit and tie, but remove the jacket if you see that others have done the same. If others have shed their ties, do not hesitate to make the same.Women should wear sleeved blouses and dresses that at least cover the upper arm. Skirts must cover the knees and pantsuits should be avoided. Indonesian bathe several times a day so if you are living with known follow suit. Women should choose to do very little, if any.

You better think that Indonesia is beautifull place for holiday and just take sometime for rest on your daily activity. Many place here will make you enjoy and take some riliexs for a moment.

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